Since the beginning of my academic activities in 2007, I have gained sound experience in the fields of Competition Economics and Law & Economics.

As part of my scholar work, I provide economic analysis and full-rate valuations of competition issues in various industrial sectors. For this purpose, I apply microeconomic tools in order to scrutinize sector-specific states of competition from both static and dynamic perspectives. Basing my studies on several national and European antitrust cases, I especially focus on the economic appraisal of anticompetitive practices and the assessment of private legal strategies.

In a nutshell, I stress the private decision-making process throughout a three-stepped methodology:

  • Appreciation of the real state of competition through a discovery process of goods/services economic structures, present and potential rivals (as well as the relevant market definition) and consumer’s preferences. 
  • Perception of alternative ways to obtain decisive competitive advantages at different times of judicial proceedings, from the prevention of potential exposure to antitrust claims to legal conflict resolution process.
  • Development of economic arguments to support business and legal strategies

To achieve such a thorough analysis, one has to apprehend both the economic environment and the legal constraints under which undertakings have to compete. In this way, as well as applying qualitative and quantitative economic tools, I take advantage of a sound knowledge of competition rules, case-law and policy in order to design market competition dynamics and efficient private strategies. 

Some of my previous studies: