I started my acadamic carrier as a Research Fellow at the University of Nice in the late 2007. My Ph. Dissertation - sponsored by the French Government and under the aegis of the CNRS - tackles the strategic private uses of antitrust laws issues and emphasizes competition dynamics results on several economic sectors. In a nutshell, adopting a a EU/US comparative-laws perspective, the main objective is to use economics and competition rules as a tool which could (and should) be enforced by both:

Antitrust authorities in order to prevent, detect and fight inefficiencies due to firms' opportunistic behaviors with the most appropriate remedy.

Private firms to compete in a more efficient way. A perfect command of competition laws and an effective review of the case-law is likely to grant a sound competitive advantage either through a strategic self-enforcement or via prevention against rivals' potential misuse of the competition law.
I already had the opportunity to apply my methodology to several industries (energy, transportation, online music, software and hardware interoperability...), to many sort of anticompetitive practices (predatory conduct, foreclosing, abusive refusal to deal and ending of an established course of dealing,...) and to present my results as a lecturer in various - academic and professional - symposiums.

As to my teaching activities, I teach financial and monetary Economics to certificate degree candidates at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis and the University of Versailles - Saint Quentin. Although I mainly focus on the Keynesian doctrine and monetary theories, I also stress both mathematic model-fashion and financial issues inherent to this field.
Since 2012, I give a series of lectures in Innovation Economics at the University of Versailles mainly dedicated to post-graduate degree (Master) students is following the Eco'noving international programme. These courses, conducted in English, aim at promoting the skills and experience needed to join the next generation of innovation entrepreneurs and managers.