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Warm Wishes and ADMEO Newsletter Special Issue

posted Jan 5, 2012, 6:42 AM by Julien Pillot   [ updated Jan 5, 2012, 6:51 AM ]

2011 is dead, long live 2012!

As tradition has it, I would like to wish everyone the very best for the coming year. May all your dreams come true, bliss and accomplishments are down the way.

To help you kick-off the new year right, I'm very pleased to introduce the brand new special issue of the ADMEO newsletter. There are several reasons why I really do consider this issue - in which I have partly assumed the coordination as well as the main theme (competition, of course) -, but the friendship amongst the "fantastic-4" authors of this new edition is definitely the most important to me. By the way, the short editorial relates the tale of the meeting of four young economists interested in competition starting their PhD in the same office (B.08) approximately at the same time. As time goes, this chance encounter evolved into a true friendship; then, the present issue of the newsletter is kind of a testimony (and a tribute as well) of this 4-years period of our common life. Hope you will have as much pleasure reading that issue as we had working on it.

The B.08 is dead, long live the B.O8 :)