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Self-promotion time...

posted Jun 2, 2012, 2:12 AM by Julien Pillot   [ updated Jun 2, 2012, 4:17 AM ]

... because two simultaneous publications definitely worth it!

  • "Exclusivity in High-Tech Industries: Evidence from the French Case", European Competition Journal, 8(1), 163-182 (with Bougette P., Marty F. and Reis P.)

Abstract: The iPhone exclusivity deal illustrates the complex issue of exclusive arrangements in high-tech industries. Previous law cases on broadcasting right restrictions also highlighted the risk of anticompetitive foreclosure through such contractual clauses. This paper questions the French competition authorities’ decisions in the light of economic analysis. If such exclusive agreements foster incentives to invest and innovate, they may also be considered as exclusionary practices.

JEL Classification: K21, L42

Keywords: Exclusive agreements; Vertical restraints; Antitrust remedies; High-Tech industries, French case law.

  • "Intellectual Property, Interoperability and Compulsory Licensing: Merits and Limits of the European Approach", Journal of Innovation Economics, n°9, 35-61 (with Marty F.)

Abstract: While the US Supreme Court challenges the application of the Essential Facilities Doctrine, European antitrust bodies tend to extend this doctrine to IPRs. Focusing on European case-law, we observe several differences between US and EU competition policies. This article highlights these dissimilarities - which are going much further than the sole implementation of the EFD - and underlines both merits and limits of the EU approach. As a final purpose, this work points up some of these differences’ origins. In this way, we argue that, if the US and the EU  antitrust bodies are consistent with their respective conceptions of competition, these policies are not neutral from the innovation incentives perspective.

JEL Classification: K21, L13, L86

Keywords: Compulsory Licensing; Essential Facilities Doctrine; Abuse of Dominance; Exclusionary Strategy.